Midwest Drift Union – Streets of Detroit – August 16th, 2014

In 2013 we had to miss out on one of the biggest events of the year for the Midwest Drift Union due to prior commitments.  Thankfully in 2014 schedule changes allowed us to attend one of the most exciting events in Pro-Am, and possibly all drifting in the US.  Drifting on real streets is always exciting, and the added backdrop of Michigan Central Station and being in the home of the automobile all for one event really makes it special.

MDU SOD 2014-2
David Mesker and Steve Topping’s silver BMWs race past the front of the iconic Michigan Central Station.

MDU SOD 2014-1
Wade Odrey’s 240sx looked good and put in a strong performance.  His second place finish capped off a strong weekend other than one unfortunate encounter with the curb early on.

MDU SOD 2014-8
The Detroit FD stopped to check out some of the cars, including Chris Herman Naujokas’s LS powered S14.  It also made for a great Detroit themed photo op.

MDU SOD 2014-14
Two great looking and well put together cars battled for the third place podium spot when Shane Whalley went up against Brian Peter.

MDU SOD 2014-23
Eric Moen’s S13 looked fresh from the paint (and vinyl) shop all weekend.

MDU SOD 2014-3
Event winner Andrew Lewis overcame a lot of adversity to win the event.  His car was well prepared all season, but as many racers have found, every little detail can be the difference between winning and losing.

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