Mid America Speedway – June 6, 2015

Unfortunately this year life and other events have cut back the amount of grass roots local events I’ve been able to attend.  One of those events is the Mid America Speedway races here in Indianapolis.  But when I am able to make it out to these events they never disappoint.  This was a normal event for Mid America and the riders still put on a great show.

Mid AM 6 6 15-1Unfortunately sometimes the bear eats you.  I was told this bike was just reassembled from being freshened up and painted and this was his first lap out.  Thankfully he walked away with no serious injuries.

Mid AM 6 6 15-26
I can’t think of a place where week in and week out the racing is any more exciting.

Mid AM 6 6 15-21
Drifting on two wheels is how I’d explain speedway bikes to most of my car enthusiast friends.

Mid AM 6 6 15-23
An unfortunate spill for the young man, but he showed a ton of heart after having a minute to calm down and got back on the bike to finish the race.

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