Drift Indy – June 27th, Kilkare Xenia, OH

Drift Indy expanded the seasons events by adding a couple dates in Xenia, OH at Kilkare.  Kilkare is a truly old school destination for drifting, and never disappoints.  Using a figure 8 oval track creates a tight and twisting course with good vantage points for all of the action from anywhere around the track.  There was a lot of rain hanging around the area, but most of it missed us so we just had a wet track early to deal with.  Some of my favorite shots:

Drift Indy Kilkare 6 15-3Imma let you finish, but Charbel Haddad has the hottest old school race car tribute drift car I’ve ever seen.

Drift Indy Kilkare 6 15-5The Dayton boys really turned up their game this season.

Drift Indy Kilkare 6 15-26A little water never hurt anybody.

Drift Indy Kilkare 6 15-17
Mosquitos steer clear.

More shots:
High res on Downshift Photo