The Indy Mile 2015 – July 11, 2015, Indiana State Fairgrounds

Once again I was invited to capture the Indy Mile at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Unfortunately this year the event wasn’t scheduled for the same weekend as the MotoGP and didn’t occur during the fair.  Fortunately for me, this meant not missing the event as MotoGP weekend I’m attending a wedding out of town.  The promoters were a little late getting things going and the weather looked a little ominous for much of the day.

Unfortunately the crowds were light due to the new date and weather.  And because of the weather the races were run out of order which ended up causing the GNC1 class to finish before dark.  While the daylight makes capturing the moments easier, the suspense and interest of the “under the lights” finish you would normally see is lost.  Also the lack of the ferris wheel and other fair attractions as a back drop made negotiating the track and streets nearby easier, it took from the atmosphere as a whole.

The one thing that was undeniable was the skill of the riders and quality of the racing.  Hopefully you can feel some of the excitement in my captures:

Indy Mile-28Brad the Bullet Baker was able to capture the race win this year.  Last year he was the reigning champion but wasn’t able to capture this race or the title again.  His excitement was palpable during his victory lap.

Indy Mile-22
I’ve seen plenty of close racing action at smaller dirt tracks, but the ferocity of racing at the speeds you see on a 1 mile course is unbelievable.

Indy Mile-24There was never a shortage of challengers for the top spot.

Indy Mile-5I tried some new outside turn vantage points that I thought turned out pretty cool.

More photos:
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