Drift Indy Luau Party 2015 – Grissom AFB

Drift Indy celebrated 10 years of grass roots drift events with their annual Luau bash, this year held at the Grissom track we’ve run both in DI and MDU forms so far this year.  This was the first time this year the weather really came on strong and hot.  Thankfully some threatening storms kept the winds up and the temps down just a touch, and we never actually got any real rain to speak of.

Everyone had a blast and people came from all over to be a part of the event.  Even saw some old friends and made some new ones.  Everyone enjoyed lots of soda, which caused the event to end a little early, but I had to catch a flight the next morning so I wasn’t complaining.  Typically I don’t do a ton of video, but I got a cool one of a 14 car tandem train that people have been digging:

Back to our regularly scheduled photography:

Drift Indy July 2015-56My good friend who I had fallen out of touch with, Yvon, running hard with Brian Peter’s AE86.  Definitely a small world.

Drift Indy July 2015-3T.R. stepped up the KA game and showed everyone you don’t need a V8, nawz and forced induction to drift and make smoke.

Drift Indy July 2015-33Edgar’s S13 was the town bike seeing lots of sideways action from T. Diddy, Highlife and others.

Check out more shots:
High res on Downshift Photo