Midwest Drift Union – Streets of Detroit 2015

The greatest venue for drifting will probably always be the streets.  When those streets are in the home of the auto industry in America, something special happens.  This year was the third installment of the Streets of Detroit drift event, and the second one I had the privilege of attending.

This years event was bittersweet because Mark Lenardon was from the Detroit area.  Mark was a well respected media guy from the Midwest who had gone on to do feature work with lots of big name publications.  As many readers know, Mark passed away earlier this year after a traffic accident, so many people turned out to this event to remember him with a fun event as a backdrop.

MDU SOD 2015-36
Geoff Stoneback came out and shredded in his practice car.  Geoff is a long time MDU driver who has moved up to FD.

MDU SOD 2015-12
Matt Lynch put on another great performance, but qualifying run problems kept him out of the bracket.

MDU SOD 2015-13
West coaster Rob Carlsen brought his radical car to attempt to run strong in MDU after his hopes of qualifying for Pro2 from the western Pro-Am series were dashed due to a car fire early in the season.

MDU SOD 2015-8
Geoff Stoneback came to enjoy the day and put on a show.  He embodies the kind of family feel and fun that many of us get out of drifting.

MDU SOD 2015-6
Steve Topping put the ‘merica in Detroit, or at least his livery and motor did.

MDU SOD 2015-7
MDU SOD 2015-2

This years windshield banner including Mark Lenardon tribute looked really cool when all the cars were lined up and ready to go.

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