bio 2Mike Morey is a photographer specializing in automotive competition and air show photography.  Mike’s lifelong passion for photography got its start with a Nikon FE in the 1990s photographing the beauty of the islands of Maine and other scenic locales.  His passion for photography was sidelined in the early 2000s due to the costs and his deep involvement in the local automotive performance scene taking up much of his time.  But this passion for all things automotive is what ultimately drove him to become a motorsports photographer.

In 2009 Mike returned to serious photography with a pro DSLR and moved into serious digital photography as a quickly expanding hobby.  Starting out as a hobbyist and spectator he attended numerous motorsports events each year finding ways to document them without special access.  In 2012 Mike’s other passion, aviation photography, paid off with a win in the 2012 Indianapolis Air Show photo contest.

In 2013 Mike took up serious motorsports photography and worked with Drift Movement, Drift Indy, Mid America Speedway, #GridlifeMidwest Drift Union, DriftSTL, Import Face Off, the Midwest TQ racing league and NASRA covering a multitude of drift, drag and dirt events across the Midwest.  Fast forward to 2015 and Mike is covering events throughout the Midwest almost every weekend including Drift Indy, the Indy Mile AMA Grand National, Midwest Drift Union, Mid America Speedway flat track motorcycle racing, #Gridlife and numerous other marque drift, dirt track and import lifestyle events.

Mike has worked with a number of websites including promotional materials for racers and series listed above.  Mike is a member of the media team that brings motorsports to the European market.  He has also worked with on NHDRO coverage and his work has been featured on numerous sites and blogs.

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